The Art of Wealth Campaign at the Live It Loud Conference in Edmonton. Our President and Broker of Record speaking to over 1,000 young adults on how he go started building wealth and investing in real estate as well as key principles to investing in real estate.

The Art of Wealth Campaign is geared towards teaching individuals, non-profit organizations  (church’s, religious organizations, trade associations etc..) and corporations about wealth creation strategies. This campaign seeks to Teach, Help and Empower  the next generation by providing them with the information needed to better understand and utilize financial principles in creating wealth using real estate as well as other tools.

In simpler terms, The Art of Wealth Campaign is our way of giving back to the community by offering our time and energy to present information and wealth creation strategies to these constituents that otherwise will not have access to same. We give back to the community by teaching young individuals, families and organizations how to go about Attaining, Retaining and Transferring Wealth.

We teach these different entities that:

  • Wealth is an ART (Attain, Retain, Transfer). Its doesn’t happen overnight; practice makes perfect. Consistency and Diligence makes it work.
  • The home you live in is not an ASSET but a liability. We redefine the definition of an Asset.
  • We teach basic financial literacy secrets embedded in Real Estate as well as other forms of wealth building tools.
  • We show you the wealth quadrant.
  • True assets bring about passive income. An asset can become a liability overnight if not acquired and held in the right manner.
  • There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. (being rich is for one generation; wealth spans generations)
  • Its not about how much you make but how much you keep. (Tax laws can favour you)
  • Insurance and Mortgages are not only a means to an end, they can be a means to great wealth. (We present strategies like self-directed mortgages, syndicated mortgages and outside the box wealth creating opportunities)
  • Most importantly we help you network with avid professionals from all works of life. (Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, like minded Investors and Developers)

We go out of our comfort zone to show individuals how to create wealth using real estate amongst other tools. We achieve this by organizing networking and public speaking events geared towards bringing professionals, average and seasoned investors together through colleges, universities, corporations and non for profit organizations in and around the GTA. We seek to teach and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, business owners and investors.


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